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Woodlawn Cemetery was established in the late 1830's during the Pioneer Era, as settlers started moving into the area. It is seated on the west end of Walkerton with U.S. 6 splitting the cemetery. The north part houses the oldest grave sites. One of the first burials on record was in 1841 for a man named Joshua Cole. Mr. Cole was born in the late 1780’s and served in the war of 1812. Currently, Woodlawn Cemetery has the capacity for approximately four thousand grave sites. There are around two thousand grave sites in the south portion available for purchase. Costs are as follows,


Grave site


Vault, soil removal, and service

$675 (Mon. to Fri. 8am to 3pm)

$875(Mon. to Fri. 3pm to 8pm)

$875 (Sat and Sun)

Footer for head stone

$0.50/sq. inch (approx. $350 to $450) based on monument


To purchase a grave site please contact Karen Johnson via (574)586-7849 or (574)780-1712 or click the contact us option on the bottom of this page.


                        All donations go to support cemetery maintenance.

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